Supreme Chancellor Vallidorium

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Julio Trigman's latest known puppet, which was used for spying, and was put on trial by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

He was the longest living puppet and the latest to be discovered.

He was a brief member of the Centre-Right Party.

He was permanently banned on August 20, 2006.

Picture of his avatar. [[1]]

[edit] Discovery

Vallidorium infiltrated the region on 22 July '06, while Carops and other administrators were away on holiday. His unusual name and seemingly concrete knowledge of Liberalia law aroused immediate suspicion. Carops alleged to his true identity upon arrival, and Vallidorium was formally brought up on charges by the DPP, Curiaistan on August 8.

[edit] Trial

"I hereby charge Vallidorium with the following offences

C1 Failure to disclose puppets in that nations such as Julio Trigman have not been declared

D1 Treason, under the guise of Julio Trigman, deliberately aimed to sabotage external relationships of Liberalia with other Regions; and taking active part in the government of a region WWSETI who are sworn enemies of Liberalia."

Evidence included the use of matching names in previous e-mail addresses and the use of a proxy device to conceal the IP address of his posts.

Vallidorium denied the charges, but also failed to completely answer all questions asked of him by the Guardian Council.

The Guardian Council members present at his trial were Fernetti, Carops, RTI, Curiaistan, Ardalia, and Nucleawasta. Farlane, the remaining guardian, was absent at the time.

[edit] Sentence

Vallidorium was unanimously found guilty of all charges, and was permanently banned from the Liberalia forum. Immediately following the verdict, he began insulting members of Liberalia, posting messages of support for Julio Trigman, and sending personal messages to incite conflict against the government of Liberalia. While he continued to claim his innocence, his actions told a different story.

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